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Bionic Energizer Summerlight Gear

BETTER REGULATED. STAY FOCUSED LONGER. Do you wonder why traditional functional base layers end up clinging to the body damply despite convincingly technical-sounding material names? Simply put: It’s not just about the fibre - it’s also about the workmanship. X-BIONIC® offers three-dimensional, temperature-regulating textile technology designed to suit the demands of each part of your body. That achieves a decisive advantage: The body remains at its optimal temperature of 37 °C for longer. That means the rider remains able to perform and concentrate longer.

Bionic Energizer Tops

Buy Bionic Energizer Tops from the BEARR now - just $199AUD + shipping.

Size (see sizing chart)

Bionic Energizer Pants

Buy Bionic Energizer Pants from the BEARR now - just $159AUD + shipping.

Size (see sizing chart)


Bionic X-SOCKS

Motocross is a sport that places high demands on clothing. If you only think about the boot, you forget about the foot. It is the sock that provides direct contact between foot and boot from the boot’s “hard case”. X-SOCKS® Moto Cross guarantees the best possible protection and comfort any sock has to offer. A complex padding system protects exactly those areas where impacts and rubbing are likely to occur and effectively reduces the chances of skin abrasions and pressure sores. The high aeration quotient of the material and the "built-in ventilation system" ensure that even under extreme conditions, the foot stays dry, well ventilated, and the temperature stays constant.

  • Self-adjusting Cuff - firm hold
  • AirConditioning Channel® - ventilates and dries
  • Shin Protector – protects and absorbs
  • Rod-type Padding – pads and ventilates
  • Instep Protector - distributes pressure
  • Toe Protector – against blisters and chafing
  • ToeTip Protector – protects tips of toes
  • Anatomically-shaped Footbed – for left and right foot
  • Ankle Protector – reduces friction
  • X-Cross® Bandage – stabilises the ankle joint
  • Achilles Tendon Protector – relieves the Achilles tendon
  • Heel Protector – against pressure and friction
  • Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ – Lateral ventilation under the sole
  • 56% Nylon, 27% Merino Wool, 11 % Elastodiene, 6% Polypropylene

Buy Bionic X-SOCKS from the BEARR now - just $39AUD per pair + shipping.

MX Sock Size (see sizing chart)

35-38 = Mens: 4-6; Womens: 6-8
39-41 = Mens: 6½-8 Womens: 8½-10
42-44 = Mens: 8½-10 Womens: 10½-12
45-47 = Mens: 10½-12 Womens: 12½-14

Please use our Contact form to get in touch with us if you want to bulk order or have another enquiry about the BIONIC® range from the BEARR.